Dearthboats - 326 Early Spring by Noble Digger

Map Description:

Dearthboats sits on the western slope of a small, isolated volcanic island. The volcano itself is immensely tall, and my wagon has landed snuggled up next to the magma hole itself.

Short term goals:

- Store some fresh water via desalinization pumping
- Establish surface farming
- Dig a dog pit and insert dogs
- Establish some choke points to cut down on wildlife "visits"
- Build basic bedrooms and an outdoor statue garden

Point of Interest: 01. Wagon Landing Volcano Rim

( 326 Early Spring → onwards )

I haven't even unpaused yet. I haven't looked into the crater to see what horrors await, though this is a largely unmodded game so I don't expect more than 4-6 fire imps and 1 of each elemental.

The wagon contains 21 of each liquor, a handful of seeds, turtles, cave lobsters, 2 picks, 1 axe, an anvil, and a pile of coal.

2 dogs and a cat accompany the dwarves to their new home. - Noble Digger

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-03-26 to 326 Early Spring

Does "isolated" mean you won't get any invasions? That would make me sad. :(

Submitted by: Asra - 2009-08-18 to 326 Early Spring

Probably. Most islands don't get invasions or anything like that... I wonder if there's a mod to fix that problem?

Submitted by: Qjet - 2009-08-18 to 326 Early Spring

Ones gotta ask how the dwaves even got out there
A dwaven boat would probably be made of rock

fun way to travel.

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