Tomeheaven - 80 Early Spring by Razin

Map Description:

Ah, you again! To be honest, I would have thought the Queen would have killed you by now. No offense to you, of course. The office of Royal Messenger just happens to have a rather quick... turnaround. Anyhow, your usual room has already been prepared, so feel free to look around all you like.

Point of Interest: Courtyard Improvements (1)

Most of Tome heaven's efforts over this past year have gone into subtle improvements to the courtyard, and one large one. You'll surely have noticed the spire as you approached, and the fact that we've moved our trade depot into the base of it.

We've, after the merchants got over what they saw in the spire, gotten various reactions. The Elves thanked us for having the sense to do business out of the rain (snotty pricks, the Queen ought to declare war on those treehuggers). The humans marveled at our new Obsidian trade depot. We can't wait till they come back next year, then they'll really have their socks knocked off (and sold back to them).

We've also begun building paths between various structures, to reduce the amount of mud that gets dragged everywhere. With 101 citizens, and 17 of them children, it was getting a bit too filthy, even for us. These sturdier stone paths being added should cut down on this quite a bit.

Lastly, if you begin to miss the great tower cap forests of the mountain home, feel free to sit in the park being created, behind the obsidian maker. We noticed that spores from the river had apparently taken to the dark, damp crevices there, and have been slowly expanding the cave, and then making it suitable for a small forest with the runoff from our obsidian factory. Just be sure to listen for the calls from the control tower, lest you get a bit too...damp. - Razin

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-03-15 to 76 Mid Spring

Construction is well underway, I'm sure the queen will be pleased with news of its progress. A warning has been issued that staircases built on successive levels can be hazards for dwarves who may slip, or be pushed, from the top; as such my forts employ either a central spiral stair, or a succession of alternating up/down stairs.

Good work defending the hillside, its always challenging trying to close the holes around a mountainhome when your back is against a rolling hillside.

Submitted by: Jurph - 2009-03-16 to 78 Early Spring

I like the emphasis on diamonds in construction as opposed to the more traditional squares and rectangles. Very cool!

Submitted by: Razin - 2009-03-16 to 78 Early Spring

Thanks! I'm not sure what I would do without this particular tile set, the smooth diagonal walls really help open up more design variety.

Submitted by: Dorten - 2009-03-19 to 79 Early Spring

Very good writing, I must say!

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