Gearmanors the City of Stone - 113 Early Spring by xpCynic

Map Description:

Roads are being paved and windows installed. It was a pretty busy year.

Point of Interest: Central square

( 113 Early Spring → onwards )

The crossroads of the city, where everyone meets to talk about things. A convenient well is the centerpiece of the square, and two of the buildings nearby have convenient balconies overlooking the roads. - xpCynic

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Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-02-13 to 108 Early Spring

good luck!

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-14 to 108 Early Spring

Your layers sort of take the shape of an amoeba.

Submitted by: FacesOfMu - 2009-02-16 to 108 Early Spring

I love your idea of using gem windows to represent street torches. Very clever!

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-02-20 to 109 Early Spring

I like this idea, maybe i'll try a big cave after my underwater fort =D

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-02-22 to 109 Early Spring

so how's the giant cave excavation going?

Submitted by: xpCynic - 2009-02-22 to 110 Early Spring

Started on third level as of this comment. One of the ambushing marksgoblins was walking around near my miner - possibly the tensest moment I've ever faced!

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-02-23 to 110 Early Spring

i'm gonna keep an eye on this one =p

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-02-24 to 111 Early Spring

I like the "natural" shape of the place. Just noticing your purple cloud of miasma. You can sort your refuse so that the rotten stuff goes to a small, sealed room, and then have massive open-air storage of all the bones. The rotten stuff clears out pretty fast, and the miasma always stays away from the populace.

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-02-25 to 111 Early Spring

remember- miasma cannot move diagonally!

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-03-01 to 112 Early Spring

Lookin' Good so far... This'll be epic once the floors are gone and the roofscrapers are left to stand alone =D

Submitted by: wololo - 2009-03-01 to 112 Early Spring

This looks great! I really like the concept.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2009-03-08 to 113 Early Spring

I enjoy the idea of guilds.

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-03-12 to 113 Early Spring

Good job so far, I can wait till it's done!

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-03-14 to 114 Early Spring

nice, this cave will be hugely awesome!

Submitted by: Barbarossa - 2009-03-23 to 115 Early Spring

Can't wait to see the new front gate.

Submitted by: Barbarossa the Seal God - 2009-04-03 to 116 Early Spring

Nice gate!!!

if you need progress to go faster, just change your dwarves' speed to 1 in the raw files.

They'll still need to eat and drink and sleep, but hauling and building goes a jillion times faster.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-04-03 to 116 Early Spring

Oh wow... you hollowed out all that space inside the mountain and then built upwards. Monumental work.

Submitted by: Gumball135 - 2009-04-08 to 116 Early Spring

Very, very cool. I especially like the Capitol building, the castle of nobility and the central square. Might just have to steal one or two of ze ideas for my latest fortress :p

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