Swordbear - 1060 Late Winter by Bingbing

Map Description:

Hello again! This is my second fortress. My first, Slingoceans, was too hard to save, so I took my second world and placed it on here. Enjoy!

Point of Interest: Obliberator

Formerly known as the Noble Obliberator, I dropped the "Noble" part when I realized nobles aren't the only problem. If someone survives, Plan B is to lock them in until they starve or die of thirst. - Bingbing

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Submitted by: ScatmanJohn - 2007-08-30 to 1060 Late Winter

Probably the greatest fortress name ever.

Submitted by: Bingbing - 2007-08-30 to 1060 Late Winter

Guess that's one more reason why I have so many masterwork Obsidian short swords. The second is the afforementioned legendary stone carver. The last is the need for my TRAP HALL OF DOOM!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-31 to 1060 Late Winter

Lookin good. Though, lies! You can't make beds out of stone! ^_^ .... I guess I've been proved wrong. Neat work so far, I like the large open rooms dotted amongst the fortress.

Submitted by: Bingbing - 2007-08-31 to 1060 Late Winter

Actually, Markavian, you were mostly right. Beds can't be made from anything but wood. However, artifacts get to break the rules. I even have an sapphire coffin at the moment.

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-09-01 to 1060 Late Winter

Since there can only be 200 young tower-caps max, you don't need a very large underground forest to have a maximum size one.

Submitted by: Bingbing - 2007-09-10 to 1062 Late Winter

First I get poi # 666, and now 1337? I must be cool.

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