BTEAMHOB-Year 10 - 1071 Early Spring by R1ck

Map Description:

BTEAMHOB stands for: Bogtower the Eerie Ageless Mountain Hole of Blood. This is year ten of the fort, and I think it is going pretty well. Follow the POI's numerically, if you please.

Point of Interest: 21. The Royal Guards Cane

Originally a ore vein found while digging the tomb stairs. Before the trolls got in here, there were many felsite coffins, each assigned to a royal guard as a tomb. The bones up there are the bones of a drowned troll. Ha! - R1ck

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-03-05 to 1071 Early Spring

Your catapult and ballista are in odd positions.
First off, they both have trees in front of them, this is a problem if i remember correctly.
Secondly if the ballista guy fires and misses he is liable to hit the catapult seige engineer in the head with an arrow and vice versa.

It would probably be better to have them facing north

Submitted by: R1ck - 2009-03-05 to 1071 Early Spring

Woah, a comment already? Anyways, as I wrote, the real attacker's entrance is elsewhere, to the north specifically. Those siege weapons there are really just for show.

Submitted by: Ze Newb :) - 2009-03-06 to 1071 Early Spring

How did the trolls get down into the royal guard tombs?

Submitted by: R1ck - 2009-03-06 to 1071 Early Spring

Well, they started right near the tombs when the siege began, so they just went into the lead tomb and started smashing. Actually they destroyed all the statues and the door too, but I replaced them already.

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