Silverstraps - 1056 Early Summer by Lightning4

Map Description:

My latest attempt at a fortress, with some slightly better planning over Ashencrafted, which is on the backburner due to 2 years being erased by a "time distortion"

Early years had some trouble, scattered with deaths to various means, though a few from rather messy predator cleanups. Note to Marksdwarves: Wrestling a giant, pissed off scorpion when it still has a stinger? Not a good idea.
Goblin sieges have been incredibly frequent, all three within the span of a year. First and second were boring as hell though, they didn't even get past the row of single crossbow traps at the entrance. The third was far more brutal though, obliterating the dwarven caravan (though losing their spearmaster human mercenary), and sweeping through the first part of my entrance hall, claiming one of the founding eight, the mason, and a few recruits.
Hardly even had the chance to gear them up in this span, for the longest part my marksdwarves were the only real defense.
Expecting them again soon since they suffered very few casualties, the ruler of the goblins surviving to wreak havoc next time.

Need to get a normal residential, favored residential, and noble residential district going as soon as I get a large surplus of wood. Otherwise they can sleep in the barracks and like it. Those masterpiece engravings should offset any negative thoughts :P

Point of Interest: Tomb District One

Tombs for the fifteen successful artifact creators, carved the year their artifact is made (or close to it) are the vertically oriented ones. First is the topmost, and will go counterclockwise as artifacts pop up.

The rest of them, the horizontal ones, are for the eight founders, legendaries through normal means, and any favorite dwarves I may have, engraved the year they meet their demise. Masons tomb needs to be engraved yet though. - Lightning4

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-07 to 1063 Late Winter

Nice tombs... unfortunate that so many dwarves tantrumed, always a painful time in any fort. Good work paving the chasm :)

Submitted by: Lightning4 - 2007-09-15 to 1063 Late Winter

Thanks for the comments, and yeah, it was a pretty brutal time.

Long in the past now, the fortress has well recovered and is in a pretty stable time. I need to post it soon, it's 1071 now and much progress has been made.

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