Èrithathel -- "Labor-ringed" - 1052 Early Spring by schm0

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Under Construction

Point of Interest: Overview

- schm0

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Submitted by: ScatmanJohn - 2007-08-23 to 1051 Early Autumn

And so it begins... Again. This is going to be an awesome fortress.

Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2007-08-23 to 1051 Early Autumn

Too bad he's cheatoring :(

Submitted by: [M]Tree - 2007-08-23 to 1051 Early Autumn

Well he is just doing it for style, i mean it would suck to have this nice layout all set up and spent 5 hours just to have a stray waterfall or magma offshoot to ruin it.

Submitted by: schm0 - 2007-08-24 to 1051 Early Autumn

I'm only using granite.exe on the tiles that have ore or gems, and it still doesn't really detract from the design, does it? Rewalling will be in the next version of the game for this very reason. :)

Don't dwarf-hate. :P

Submitted by: vaevictus - 2007-08-29 to 1052 Early Autumn

Another good looking start, schm0. Of course, each time I see a new fort of yours, I wanna start over from scratch :)

Submitted by: schm0 - 2007-08-29 to 1052 Early Autumn

Well, thanks for the compliment. Try upgrading your fortress before you make any decisions. Starting from scratch is fun, because you can make changes to your designs and upgrade. That's what I've tried to do with this Fortress, but we'll see how it all works out in the end.

Comments and criticism is always welcome. :)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-01 to 1053 Early Spring

Is that supposed to be an XXXX King sized bed in the middle of the three bridge tunnels?

Submitted by: schm0 - 2007-09-02 to 1053 Early Spring

Yes. :)

Bedrooms will be constructed across the river when it is crossed. First priority is nobles bedrooms, then offices, then a dining room on either side of the main hallway. Or at least that's the plan right now. I was thinking of putting a kitchen and brewery on one side, then a dining room/food storage area on the other. The dining room will have kegs lining one wall.

I also need a place for a future prison, and I was thinking of putting it on the north branch of the tunnels. I have a fantastic idea for combining the jail with the Sheriff's office (and a nearby bedroom, of course.)

How does everyone else do the nobles dining rooms?

Submitted by: Kyrigo - 2007-09-30 to 1055 Early Spring

It's so... attractive.

Submitted by: schm0 - 2007-10-01 to 1055 Early Spring

Thank you. :)

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