Bodice Tempests - 1065 Early Autumn by Markavian

Map Description:

Point of Interest: The Original Antiflood Generator

First tested right here in the castle of Bodice Tempests, I here present the Antiflood Generator, made out of dwarven sweat and blood.

This spiral loop is first primed (filled) by opening the right floodgate using the right hand lever just below the spiral. Once primed, the right hand floodgate is closed creating an antiflood which sweeps around the loops.

In order to correctly activate the antiflood generator, the second floodgate on the left must be opened (using the lever on the left) before the spiral has time to empty.

If done correctly, the antiflood will escape out through the south of the flood and spread out across the map, removing all traces of the magma flood. - Markavian

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Submitted by: Dark Sprite - 2007-08-26 to 1065 Early Autumn

Your fort looks awesome. Did you plan to dig out the whole castle beforehand?

Now I got to try and make a castle next time. =)

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-03-12 to 1065 Early Autumn

I was trying for the "open outdoors" feeling inside the mountain, I had partly planned the main fort and then started expanding it for farming and mining.

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