Glazedstop - 239 Mid Autumn by FacesOfMu

Map Description:

My first fort that used the Decentralised Workshops and Living Quarters plans and they worked a peach! Rather than putting the dining rooms where indicated in the living plans I later dug through the dining food storage wall and made a connecting 3x20 hallway between the two hubs. This became my legendary dining room and thoroughfare. Although it would have been more efficient to connect on every level, I only let the "two towers" connect on one level where the the dining hall was.
What I also really liked about this fort was that although the road departs the map on the left past the residences, the fort entrance road carries over and past the residences into the trades 'tower'. I like the way that the fort sort of curls down and back in on itself like this so as to create this great shooting galley above the residences. It reminds me of a backwards G shape, and I always pictured the road as a long rifle pointed west, the gunman's head, shoulders and body as the tower above the trades hub, and the gunman's hand holding up the barrel above the residential hub.

Point of Interest: The Rifle Gally

This is the bridge leading from the western road, across my valley home, through the tower above the residences, to the trades tower and depot on the right. This is largely designed for trap and ranged defences, with marksdwarves stationed at the archery slits in the residence tower along side the road, around the depot, and in the towers above.
Although there are levers for the bridges in the trade tower on the floor below, I never intended to use them.
The two orthoclase guard houses to the west have their own little rations and facilities underneath for the marksdwarves stationed there. The ideal would have been to connect these two guard houses to an underground tunnel going back to the fort so that even this remote defence position was accessible during a siege, but I didn't want uber ugly extension tunnels underneath and horrible pathing issues for dwarves going everywhere I don't want them to. - FacesOfMu

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Submitted by: Wow. - 2009-02-28 to 239 Mid Autumn

Wow. Pretty awesome.

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