Nundenkubuk, Regallance - 204 Mid Autumn by Razin

Map Description:

A fairly standard map i felt like sharing anyways. Features a fairly tall mountain, magma pipe, underground river, and chasm, and my first attempt at tower-cap farming.

Point of Interest: (6) The Unborn Forges and The Dead Dwarves

The Downward Stairs from the Dining / Crafting and Storage area bring you to two very sacred areas. This level holds both our tombs and forge. The forges were placed here for easy access to the storeroom, and because it was believed that the fact the magma pipe it would be running off of extends a good ways above our access point, making distance from the source less of an issue. The tombs were placed here because our priest said the sounds of the forges a work would please the spirits of the dead, and the sound of water running through our drainage pipe / exhausted gold mine would keep the angry ones away for fear of the Dreaded Carp.

Our priest is apparently a bloody idiot, because either physics and logic are broken, or the dead are making the magma for our forges fill extra extra slowly out of spite. It's like the jerks want us to constantly be tripping over this Goblin armor we can't melt down.

Also, if you pull the southward lever connected to the emergency magma draining tunnel, we'll test the Goblin Pitatorium on you...the magma's almost full, and we are not waiting another 2years to melt all this junk down...
- Razin

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