Nundenkubuk, Regallance - 204 Mid Autumn by Razin

Map Description:

A fairly standard map i felt like sharing anyways. Features a fairly tall mountain, magma pipe, underground river, and chasm, and my first attempt at tower-cap farming.

Point of Interest: (5) The Obscene Food Stockpile, and the Rotting Room.

Remember that starving / dehydrated / sober spell we mentioned a minute ago? Well, our cook and farmers went a bit...overboard in making sure that never happened again. In one of the Expedition Leader's better moments, the area was setup to be as efficient as we could manage without clearing stone (again, we were too busy trying to drink sand to both hauling rocks out of the way for vertical stockpile-workshop consolidation). The butcher's hop is directly adjacent to all three kitchens (which we needed to condense food to save space), the tannery, leather works, and bone carver's shops. Also, note the open air farm for growing imported strawberries and prickle berries.

Oh, if you're a bit squeamish, you'll want to stay away from the closed door to the right of the intersection. That's the open air rotting pit, formerly a dried up pond, for anything we don't want inside, but will want the bones from. If you're into that sort thing, however, you'll want to come back and visit once the connected Goblin Pitatorium (catchy name, isn't it?) is complete. Sometimes we cage Goblins rather then kill them, and nobody here wants to bother feeding the wretches. - Razin

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