Nundenkubuk, Regallance - 204 Mid Autumn by Razin

Map Description:

A fairly standard map i felt like sharing anyways. Features a fairly tall mountain, magma pipe, underground river, and chasm, and my first attempt at tower-cap farming.

Point of Interest: (4) Workshops, Storage, And The Somewhat Illogical Dining Room,

The downward stairway from the Barracks leads to the heart of the fortress. Feel free to admire our superb dining hall, and be sure to note Thattak, the Wasp of Cages, the legendary door crafted of native-hewn gold ore, which you'd pass through getting to the dining hall. Don't ask about the name, the mason was sober when he finished it. Also, please don't mention the fact that Lisidlorbam, the Onyx Opal window,is not actually looking out at anything. the Architect was sober and dehydrated when he forgot to install a way for us to stop the flow of water to the moat (All this sobriety and thirst came from our expedition leader not adequately managing time for the digging of farms for brewing before he had us tap tab the water source our maps said must be nearby. He was healthily drunk, but an idiot. In all seriousness, all seven of the founders nearly died then).

Ahem...This is also the area for stone-working, carpentry, and trade good storage.

- Razin

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