Nundenkubuk, Regallance - 204 Mid Autumn by Razin

Map Description:

A fairly standard map i felt like sharing anyways. Features a fairly tall mountain, magma pipe, underground river, and chasm, and my first attempt at tower-cap farming.

Point of Interest: (2) The IneffectiveTower Cap Farm

If you were to walk down this long corridor from the gatehouse, you would reach our tower cap farm. We were delighted to find that an underground river and a chasm happened to be situated right across from one another, at roughly the same elevation. Our chief planner wisely decided to construct a tower cap farm to supplement the very sparse wood we can collect from the shrub land bordering the mountain. However, none of our citizens had never built one before, and thus we did not realize stone left in the field would impede growth, so we remain dependent on caravans for wood. Please don't laugh, it's very much a problem for us. Down south, you'll find the chasm and the areas were the resident cave spiders will hopefully take up residence for easy collection, and the bridge we'll use to expand across the cavern at a later time. Were you to go up a level, you'll find the second field we plan to irrigate once the first is clear of stone. - Razin

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