Minedtame - 1058 Late Summer by Zaltanek

Map Description:

Created Wealth: 4532379
Furniture: 1241020
Architecture: 509670
Other Objects: 1084322

Projects underway:
Statue garden of a dwarf
Hanging magma forges production
Waterfall for dining
Finishing up housing district.
Heated aquaduct and housing.
Barrier wall for the reseviour.
Trade depot.
Level 1 of the Housing.
Non-heated water distribution.
First z level of the artifical lake wall.

Point of Interest: Grand dining room

This building is probably the most expensive building I have constructed. The floors are mostly silver with designs in gold, rose gold, and bismuth bronze.
The staircase that goes from the 1st to the 3rd z level is rose gold, and the two that ascend from there are gold.
The outer grates on the lower floor are gold while the inner are silver.
The wells are gold and silver.
The pumps for the waterfall are constructed ot of green glass, with glass windows. The entire dining room is 4 z levels with a clear glass roof.

The animals are normally penned in cage but I am in the process of dropping them in their new pens.
- Zaltanek

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Submitted by: Zaltanek - 2008-12-01 - Removed

Submitted by: Ashery - 2008-12-05 to 1054 Late Autumn

I'd be interested in hearing how quickly your tree farms fill with water.

In my initial test on the design I used, I ended up shutting off the water flow due to the fact that it would've taken well over a month to fill. Normally the time wouldn't have mattered, but the first floor of my tree farm is also serving as the location for my actual farms...and it had already been a year with zero food production.

The end design should be more efficient as it'll have more hatches on each level...

Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2008-12-05 to 1054 Late Autumn

Uhh... don't you need to clear out all that rock before trees will grow?

Submitted by: Ashery - 2008-12-06 to 1054 Late Autumn

Yea, but you can at least get the ground muddied and ready to go.

I'm planning on doing the same with my tree farm. Getting mud on three to five levels initially and just dumping the rock as I have time. Once I'm on my last dumping level, I'll start digging out and setting up the next few levels.

Submitted by: Zaltanek - 2008-12-08 to 1055 Late Summer

The tree farm is filling much faster than I expected. From early summer to late summer it has filled 2 z levels.

Once flooded I will begin removing excess stone. Unfortunately I am running an older version so i have to select each piece to dump.

Submitted by: Zaltanek - 2008-12-09 to 1055 Late Summer

Hrm, I just ran into an issue with collapsing structures. I thought i knew how it worked when digging (within 7 spaces of a wall. I thought up/down stairs also acted as a solid wall, but apparently they don't. My central staircase started collapsing. I have a central 4b4 block of up/down stairs which reach out 3 spaces to the outer wall. I did plan to have a hollow area around that section, but it should be supported by the 2b2 paths at each N,S,E,W direction.

I was also attemping to use a bridge as scaffolding. however when I built floor tiles off the side of the bridge they collapsed killing on of the miners. The wierd thing is it allows me to build ramps off the side of bridges for the roof of the barracks.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-03-12 to 1057 Mid Autumn

That aqaduct is a fantastic piece of engineering, I'm suprised I didn't see it sooner. Good work!

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