Koseersi (Swifthelms) - 1056 Early Spring by matryx

Map Description:

Early winter, the insane craftsdwarf died of thirst, and shortly afterwards a metalsmith was posessed and claimed the carpenters
He has so far taken 3xMalachite, and 1xOnyx in there
He's asking for blocks, more ore, and wood still. I have mandate the construction of some rock blocks, in light and dark sorts to see if we can get him to continue his work.
We have also started construction of a magma kiln now so we can product more varieties of glass.
In the coldest months we also saw our first birth, from one of our wrestlers.
As we hit late winter, the metalsmith began his construction. We hope it will be finished in time for the history engravings.

History this year started poiniantly with the engraving of a dead dwarf. The now professional engraver often visits the tombs. He made his first masterpiece engraving this year. A submissive demon :)
The rest of the engravings involve demons looking confused, references to the horse bone armour stand, submissive demons and dwarves talking with dwarves.
We have connected up the channel to our masterpiece and legacy, though the dwarf who mined the final strand nearly drowned in the attempt.
True to form, as the year drew to a close, the metalsmith revealed his masterpiece. A Bronze Flask. Studded with platinum and copper, spiking with copper and pine, and with images of dwarves labouring on it - it is symbolic of the work-break my dwarves cherish so.

The year ended with our first production of Perlash. May 1056 be a year of Clear Glass!

Point of Interest: The North Mural

( 1056 Early Spring → onwards )

Started construction in early 1055 as an ambitious project, this Mural is a testamant to how hard the dwarves can work.
Made almost entirely out of green glass. - matryx

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Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-11 to 1053 Early Spring

Digging straight for the river. Rudimentary things have been made out of stone / wood to keep the dwarves alive until glass production is finished.

Submitted by: Xenomorph - 2007-08-11 to 1054 Early Autumn

This looks like an interesting little challenge.

Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-11 to 1054 Early Autumn

It's been good fun so far - the main 'problem' is that development of everything is so slow because you have to make Charcoal and Sand before you can craft anything!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-16 to 1055 Early Spring

Hey matryx, neat job so far - but I can't help thinking you're keeping the numbers down, the fort seems so 'small', despite the frequency of your map updates :)

I updated the Point of Interest: Tombs behind the `Hall of History` because the link you put in opened in a new window. I replaced [url=] bbcode tag with [poi=1005].

I wonder where your mining operations will lead next...
[Message edited on 2007/08/16 at 05:32 by Markavian]

Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-16 to 1055 Early Spring

Ah! I'd just fired off an email to you about whether you could add [POI=] - I guess you already have! Thanks!

I'm not artificially keeping the numbers down - I guess the dwarves just don't really like glass that much.

It might be because I only produce enough craft goods to buy what I want from the traders, rather than stockpiling tons like most people. I should investigate that in a different fort.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-16 to 1055 Early Spring

I think migration is based on fortress wealth, and good quality food stockpiles and expensive artifiacts drive new migrants to turn up... if you are able to support them or not.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-20 to 1056 Early Autumn

Is it wise to have your trade depot so deep within the fortress, won't you have wagons crawling past your beds - or is that only a temporary issue?
[Message edited on 2007/08/20 at 04:42 by Markavian]

Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-20 to 1056 Early Autumn

This is only a temporary issue. All dwarven accommodation will be moved to a new keep where the nobles are temporarily housed. The nobles will move further north, and we'll make an area for the True Nobility even further north than that.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2007-10-09 to 1058 Early Spring

This one of the more inventive fortresses I've seen. That mural is shaping up to be a masterpiece, and when both are competed ... wow, just wow.

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