Dopping the Desert Floor by Dakira

Movie Description:

This is the first step in constructing the Temple of Woundspeak. The entire temple will be built over the magma. I plan to make some waterfalls flow over the building and make steam to add to it's atmosphere. Maybe some domed sections of the temple too.

A miner died in it's construction by falling into the channel he was digging out.

Movie bonus! Someone didn't like the camera crews being there to film this event. He went berserk and all was caught on film. News at 11.

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Submitted by: Hishan - 2008-09-21

Thats awesome, it will clear out any nasty magma critter down there too. I wonder what the people in the forges felt like then! Did they not get a huge shockwave?

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-09-26

Oh I'm sure everyone in the city felt it. Maybe a couple working on the forges got splattered on the face with whatever they were working on.

I'm sure the doctor wasn't happy about it.


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