More magic waters? by Dakira

Movie Description:

Water at the top of a pump tower doesn't sound too odd at all, but what if the pumps couldn't operate?
only two mills were producing 40 power and the entire system needed over 70. Yet somehow the water mysteriously made it up the pumps and onto the waterway. Not just a little bit either, enough to get several spaces muddy and spill over the unfinished side.
My only idea is that an ocean wave forced it's way up. Either way I call shenanigans.

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Submitted by: pharoph - 2008-09-15

i guess that the windmilsl ahd enough power to power 2 pumps but not there other ones. while thoose 2 where pumping away the water went through (yes through) the pumps and on to the next. thats my only thought other wise its a very strange thing

Submitted by: immibis - 2010-05-27

Didn't you notice one of the axles was broken?


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?