The liason is not afraid of skeletal carp by Christes

Movie Description:

Too bad he doesn't kill it though.

Part of Halltraded succesion game

Important: If the movie appears blank or fails to play it is because it was recorded using a corrupt version of Dwarf Fortress. This is a known bug and is reported in the tracker, bug 2489. The DFMA administration is in the process of cleaning up these movies from the site; and hopes bay12games will fix the game functionality soon.

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-08-11

"Move out the way! Commin' through!"

Submitted by: Corona688 - 2008-11-02

"Carp? What carp?"

Submitted by: Tammy - 2009-11-21


Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-11-24

Congrats Tammy for making the 10,000th comment on the DFMA :D

Those skeletal carp I'm guessin, or just the normal blood thirsty type?

Submitted by: Halconnen - 2009-12-08

They're skeletal, yeah

Submitted by: IronZonk - 2010-03-25

Haha, that's awesome!

I love how it's just nothing to him, the rest of the fortress has been mutilated by these things but he just shrugs it off, pushing it off of the wall.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?