A Battle by Fox-Of-Doom

Movie Description:

My sheriff takes a stand for justice.

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Submitted by: Darkie - 2008-07-26

Awesome fight there. Seems like the goblins felt the wet!

Submitted by: Deon - 2008-07-27

Poor fellow has lost his eye =(.

He fought like a real dwarf.
The most hillarious moment was when you showed a goblin in the pond with a red brain.

Submitted by: Diabl0658 - 2008-07-27

Why is that one goblin red? What type of fighter is he?

Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-07-28

He's a mace gobbo, macemen are coloured red.

Submitted by: pharoph - 2008-09-15

That is one strong sheriffhow could he take all thoose goblins by himself? this is what keeps dwarf fortress awsome.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?