Collapsing a goblin tower by Christes

Movie Description:

Seven Dwarven sappers collapse a Goblin Tower, along with the demon inside.

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Submitted by: dUMBELLS - 2008-07-25

The miner walks away unscathed. I want to do this now.

Submitted by: Christes - 2008-07-25

Note: The Dark fortress actually appeared as a ruin when I visited it in adventure mode afterwards.

Submitted by: Qmarx - 2008-07-29

All that trouble to kill the single elf in that tower? I applaud your dedication

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-07-31

You didn't fancy raising an army to do the duty then?

Did you lose any dwarves? Its safer to build a support under the base linked to a lever, though I've not tried it myself. I tend to build forts -away- from other civilisations.

Submitted by: Christes - 2008-08-03

No dwarves lost. One was caught in the collapse but absolutely walked away unscathed (you can se that at the end)

I didn't bother building a fort there - I just wanted to see what happened if I collapsed the tower.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-08-18

this is how i used to get free wood from Human towns.


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