Floating ice by Hishan

Movie Description:

In my attempt to make an ice cannon, I designated the edge of a bridge as a pond in a freezing environment, the water froze into ice walls. I then removed the bridges only to find the ice still remained in the air (39c)

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Submitted by: El Bingeroso - 2008-07-22

Is it possible that you have caveins turned off? If not Then I am going to use this to make a floating fortress.

Submitted by: Hishan - 2008-07-22

No this is on a totally un-altered version of DF. A bug i suppose, not a very big one so its unlikely to get fixed.

Submitted by: Kogan Loloklam - 2008-07-27

Floating fortresses, and then the bug gets fixed... The carnage will be on a scale never heard of before!

100+ Dwarf fortresses, gone in a second!

Submitted by: Qmarx - 2008-07-29

The carnage from caveins is insignificant compared to 39a's fully armed and operational hiberstation!


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