Traffic Patterns by Wirrit

Movie Description:

Here's how I've designated the traffic patterns for the main portions of the fortress. As you can see, in some of the mid-level parts of the housing project, I've missed a spot or two -- but, it generally holds up well.

Main hallways are high-traffic.

In the pantry, the stockpiles are low traffic so people don't eat on them as much. In theory. But it doesn't work. It annoys me -greatly-. Maybe I should just set it back to no designations.... ah well. Parts of the pantry further away from the center are designated as slightly lower traffic, to encourage people to eat from the -central- stockpile, and make it easier for me to tell at a glance how much food is left...not that that is ever a problem.

In the boneyard, I've seperated each refuse stockpile into two areas -- the area nearer the hallway (marked as low traffic) and the area nearer the back entrance of the stockpile (marked as restricted traffic). This is so they Only use the back entrance to fetch bones from, or put bones in. Not, for instance, to cut the corner when the hallway is a little too narrow.

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