Bows aren't so tough... by RPB

Movie Description:

The goblins finally get tired of sending ambushes, so they send a siege of 1 bow squad. Unfortunately I've only just started construction on my outer wall, but a squad of hammer champions charges safely through a cloud of arrows. Much bludgeoning ensues.

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Submitted by: Msus - 2008-05-22


Submitted by: Dave Mongoose - 2008-05-23

What armor and shields (and skill levels for both)?

Also, that many champions by the time of your first siege? o.o

Very nice.

Submitted by: Muffles - 2008-05-31

Epic ownage. Those guys got slaughtered.

Submitted by: Darkie - 2008-07-20

Too much pew pew, not enough essence to it :P
A very matrix moment.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?