Goblin dumper by Moz

Movie Description:

Stars with a ridiculous artifact crown that just doubled the value of my fortress at 750k. Then a long section showing off the goblin dumper in action. Skip to the end if you get tired of watching goblins basejumping without chutes, the last frames are worth it.

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Submitted by: Moz - 2008-05-20

Best viewed at 200+ rate here.

Submitted by: theblklotus - 2008-05-20

The last frames are priceless!!!! Nice work.

Submitted by: ARSchmitz - 2008-06-07

That is amazing...

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-06-12

Muwhahahahhah awesome. Well recorded.

Submitted by: Myroc - 2009-03-28

For more awesomeness, replace the bottomless pit with magma.

Bonus point if you can make a drain on it so you can claim all their iron/steel equipment.

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Submitted by: Shoku - 2009-04-07

I can't really tell how the pump part is set up :

Submitted by: Gumby - 2009-04-09

Agreed; what's all the pump action getting itself into?

Submitted by: Shad0wyone - 2009-04-09

I think the pump is for resetting it, plates also turn on gear assembly, then the pump pumps onto the plate down there....

Submitted by: Count Dorku - 2009-05-25

How could anyone get tired of watching goblins basejumping without chutes? It's like watching them blunder straight into a weapon-trap meatgrinder - fun for all the family!

Submitted by: Moz - 2009-06-10

Indeed, the pump system was an elaborate reset mechanism. So the whole thing operates automatically.

Submitted by: Firnagzen - 2009-08-07

I love it. In fact, I built one into the entrance of my fortress, and love watching goblins go plummeting to explosive doom 15 stories below.

Submitted by: Procyon - 2016-08-09



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