Another Suicide in Faithfulaxe by MastaODisasta

Movie Description:

A common sight at Faithfulaxe, dwarves who have gone insane after failing to find shells for their brilliant creations. They find the nearest edge and hurl themselves off.

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Submitted by: musteatyemen - 2008-05-16

How many gallons of blood is that?

Submitted by: MastaODisasta - 2008-05-16

Not enough.

Submitted by: Übersoldat - 2008-05-26

Doren Roderkol, Planter cancels Attend Party: Seeking Infant.

Submitted by: Muffles - 2008-06-01

What I wonder is why he drowned. That was an insane amount of blood, and you'd think he'd die from blood loss before he drowned.

Also, I find it strange that the baby was born just as the dwarf died. One of those lame symbolic things you see in sucky movies and books.

Submitted by: Darkie - 2008-07-18

Wheeeeee... SPLAT/SPLASH!
Oh, hi Jimmy! Now I know where you've fallen...


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