Spartan hoplite charge! by Orkel

Movie Description:

I checked out how it would play if I made a spartan fort, with many, many spearmen using hoplite equipment (breastplate, greaves, boots, helm, shield, spear). And with the thinking of "Always charge the enemy, never stay inside and wait for the siege to end". Here's what happened with siege #2.

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Submitted by: Orkel - 2008-05-03

And yeah, bowmen are incredibly overpowered :P

Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2008-05-03

Maybe it would have turned out better if the squad hadn't been named "The Gilded Princesses." That must have been very demoralizing for the troops.

Submitted by: Coke_Can64 - 2008-05-06

Oh, GOD... Sheer gobo ownage on a stick...

Btw, I got flood noble on the 'are you sentient' question... o.o?

Submitted by: Übersoldat - 2008-05-26

Your strength has been broken.

Submitted by: Darkie - 2008-07-20

Obviously dwarves aren't meant to be spartans and gobbos aren't meant to be persians :P


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