Elf Ruins (dev world gen problems) by Toady One

Movie Description:

Here's the in-progress historical maps viewer in development complete with oversettlement problems. The first run through is the regular view, the next shows the civ/cultural level, and the last confusing one is all of the site entities and their influence areas.

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Submitted by: leerok - 2008-04-29

Are the territories constantly shifting and displacing each other?

They seem to be constantly moving, sometimes disappearing and reappearing.

Ah, I understand. The blinking indicates overlapping areas of influence.

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Submitted by: Zaratustra - 2008-04-29

The various entities really need to have their specific race written next to their names.

Submitted by: King Louis XIV - 2008-04-29

This looks really cool. I'm looking forward to the latest update.

By the way, the changes go by a lot more coherently when you're watching at an increased playback rate. Things just seem to go by too slow normally.

Submitted by: Julian - 2008-05-28

This does look good. I know from experience getting things like this to work takes a lot of work. You are also dealing with something NEVER dealt with before. When human invaded other humans in our history they could interbreed and absorb culture. You have multiple races, keeping them all alive has never happened and never will in the real world.
On a second note I know how long bug fixing and inputting new code can take and I am amazed at the speed you work GREAT JOB!


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?