Mining Dragons by Deon

Movie Description:

It's the first dragon I've encountered.
I don't play adventurer mod too often.

I felt myself like I mined a rock with a pickaxe, so many hits and no result...
Dragons are boring.
Actually, I was a proficient spearman and competent shield user, so nothing special. I just made the dragon to feel pain, gouged its eye and stroke him about thousand times with my spear. At last I manage to hit him in the head, breaking his fangs and piercong his brain.

P.S. My comments on this:
The Toady should definitely raise the pain threshold (or make it a raw parameter) for dragons, for now I can disable one just by twisting a spear in it's leg (4-5 times), though it's very hard to pierce it's armor.
Also shield blocking is overpowered too, it should be lowered. I blocked most attacks, though I wasn't too cool in shield using.

Occasional batman killed by eagle adds some fun.

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Submitted by: Hanuman - 2008-07-22

Haha, man that took a long time. It was a nice payoff at the end though. I have never played in adventure mode but one thing I found odd was hat fact that after you killed the dragon you just picked up it's corpse and stuffed it in your backpack. WTF!? How would that even be possible?


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?