DFWall Demo 2 by LordZabujca

Movie Description:

A little demo of a new feature from DFWall 0.91, the external template construction.

First I choose the materials to be used in constructing the template, then I use the "build floor" pointer to choose the upper left corner of the construction, and finally I press the "build template" button. Results below.

The movie is pretty slow for some reason - watch it with the rate set to 200 to see the actual performance of this feature.

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Submitted by: Qjet - 2009-08-14

anyone notice this is a sweet template? This is a sweet template.

Submitted by: Pkassad - 2009-08-14

Pretty cool, but unless its something complicated, I think doing it by hand is faster. Though placing furniture with this might be faster.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?