The Dipped Balls - Mayor executed (flingify failed, too) by GreyMario

Movie Description:

The purple guy in the video? Well, he went on a tantrum and killed a dwarf for no reason. So I executed him.

Why the pause after the failed fling? I was typing on IRC.

Also, if you're interested, the mandate was a ban on the export of... floodgates.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-04-07

If the flipper fails... squish him. How did you get him to stay in the same spot?

Submitted by: GreyMario - 2008-04-07

Activating a dwarf and giving him a single patrol point will cause him to always be there, except when he is eating, drinking, or fell asleep on the way to his patrol point.

By exploiting this fact, you can execute your murderer nobles (or perhaps the moron mayors who mandate that you create 30 raw adamantine chairs), effectively replacing the position of Sheriff/Guard.

The Sheriff/Guard will not deliver punishment to nobles. Therefore, you have to DIY. And DIY is fun.

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Submitted by: Untouchable - 2009-06-03

I applaud your tactics. Truly the only thing a Noble is good for.

Submitted by: Tekkud Uristtat - 2010-11-23

It's funner when the switch is right next to the death trap so the nobles can kill themselves.


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