First succesfful breakroom waterfall: Glorious by ZedEh

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Yeah! Finally managed to get it to work and by Armok, it freaking RULES!

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Submitted by: ZedEh - 2008-03-31

Huh. Goes way slower than I thought. Amazing how time flies when you're engrossed. Set the Rate to about 600.

Submitted by: Will Skyfall - 2008-04-08

That's really impressive, but how do you avoid flooding your fort?

Submitted by: Gairabad - 2008-12-24

I didn't design this waterfall, but it's easy to build one that doesn't flood your fort: Create a reservoir at the bottom of the waterfall, and make it big enough so that even if all of the water in the system falls to the reservoir, the reservoir still won't overflow. To do this, you could designate a pond zone over the reservoir, so your dwarves will fill it up to the maximum safe amount and no further.

Submitted by: Gairabad - 2008-12-24

How are the pumps powered?

Submitted by: Gairabad - 2008-12-25

Sorry, I missed the water wheels.

Anyway, I took a look at the way this guy does his waterfall, and he doesn't appear to be using my method. It looks as though he has a drainage system set up so that when the (rather large) reservoir under the waterfall fills up, he will unlock a door, allowing the water to escape.


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