The end of UnderCity Pt.4 (Final) by Mechanoid

Movie Description:

Can't touch this
Canít touch this
Can't touch this
Canít touch this

my hammer hits me
so hard
Makes me say
oh my Lord
Thank you,
for blessing me
With a hammer to hit,
and two decorated bits

Feels good, when you know you're down.
A superdope homeboy from the UnderCity town
And I'm known
as such
And this is a beating uh,
. you can't touch

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-03-29

Suggested to run at Rate 50 or Rate 25. Hammerers are unarmored, and as such, move very quickly when cheating with [SPEED:1]

00:30 to 00:35 is why you should NEVER even attempt to allow the justice system OR criminals to exist or be created in your fortress.
The Hammerer is DEADLY, and WILL act like a terminator if you let him.

The same goes for the fortress gaurd (which you can sometimes see dispensing beatings to other criminal dwarves)

Submitted by: ziggieboogiedude99 - 2009-07-13

Holy fuck.

Your video description made me bust my gut.

Thank you, SO MUCH.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?