Killing colossus with an adventurer, #2 by SL

Movie Description:

This is the second time I fought a colossus - actually the same one. You see, I didn't save after killing him the first time, and when the High Priest said to go to the ocean and talk to a god, and "Simply give yourself to oceans" ... When the god didn't respond, I jumped in the ocean and discovered *I couldn't climb back out*.

So I had to reload and find the colossus again. This time I threw a bunch of adamantine weapons at him. The best part was when the spinning crossbow lopped off a limb. Them things must be sharp!

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-03-17

I think I'd be the sadistic type who'd sit and mash enemies with the adamantium mace, just for the gore... ... crikey tho, you mauled that beast, twice! Handy backpack...


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