Ironblood fails to beat the Hydra by Captain Mayday

Movie Description:

Ironblood failing to beat the Hydra because he's doing retarded wrestling moves.

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Submitted by: Captain Mayday - 2008-03-16

This is probably one of the worst examples I could have gotten, since mainly this is him just messing up an attack.
However, in most cases he tries grabbing something useless and then gets squished while doing nothing substantial.

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-14

Hmm... Drafting your mayor to get hopelessly killed by a Hydra... Thats a great idea!

Submitted by: RedWarrior0 - 2009-07-08

You obviously do not know anything about Ironblood (not just any mayor, but one of the major dwarven gods) or Nist Akath. Read the story on the forum. 200+ pages of pure, unmitigated awesome.


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