Adventure Lake by Markavian

Movie Description:

Posted on 2007/10/16, this is a video of an adventurer exploring the same lake featured in the Dwarf Lake video and associated map.

"The adv mode movie is longer, and involves me starting in a different map square than the lake, walking (falling) to the lake, and then following the right branch of the river and then up one of its tributaries to where it becomes a brook with a little waterfall embedded in the cliff. You'll notice in this version that the ripples disappear for most of the movie. This has to do with the sink calcs not being done at load, but rather later on, and only if there's an outlet. There are also persistant rain drop bugs, and some water embedded in a wall you can see. I have a handle on most of this, but it'll just take time to clean up, and some of it won't be cleaned before the release." -ToadyOne


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