Dwarf Powered Volcano! by ikkonoishi

Movie Description:

Dwarf pumps magma through a pipe and then up!

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Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2008-03-03

I suppose you didn't have temperature on?

Submitted by: ikkonoishi - 2008-03-03

Temperature is on. See the melted stone next to the pump. Trees don't burn

Submitted by: Vanon - 2008-03-06

Hunter cancels Return Kill: Interrupted by carp.

Submitted by: InquisitorSaturn - 2008-03-06

This would be an excellent way to end sieges.

Submitted by: Ikkonoishi - 2008-03-07

Don't worry about that hunter. He is fine. I made him a legendary swimmer because I didn't want him to die off stupidly. The carp pull him under, and he just whacks them a few times and heads for a ramp.

Submitted by: pitchblack - 2008-04-06

I have seen this before, I believe it is a bug.

Submitted by: WaS - 2008-06-15

About ending sieges this way --- do you remember, how Boatmurdered died?


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?