Goblins Meet Adamantine Crossbow bolts by Ricemastah

Movie Description:

Goblins die... very fast

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Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2008-02-27

That was awesome.

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-02-29

Ye gods and little piglets. Those poor goblins!

Submitted by: Mister Six - 2008-03-03

The initial hail of bolts is hilarious. The goblins are carefully inching closer and then they just get mowed down. It looks like you had a dwarven minigunner up there or something.

Submitted by: Zax - 2008-06-07

That was awesome, but how did you make the Adaminite bolts?

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-07

Seems like you have an unusual amount of pump operators...


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?