A Well-Crafted Large . by Mister Six

Movie Description:

A nonitem "well-crafted large" nothing. Looks like a gem though. Playing and world generated in v0.27.176.38a

Important: If the movie appears blank or fails to play it is because it was recorded using a corrupt version of Dwarf Fortress. This is a known bug and is reported in the tracker, bug 2489. The DFMA administration is in the process of cleaning up these movies from the site; and hopes bay12games will fix the game functionality soon.

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Submitted by: El Bingeroso - 2008-02-17

This has always happened to me a lot. One game I had about four of those.

Submitted by: Nexii Malthus - 2008-03-02

Well..perhaps a well crafted large dot?

Submitted by: Large - 2010-11-19

Some one found Muddy Unkown once (2 of them actualy)...


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?