My First Irrigation System by DrJonez

Movie Description:

This was my very first try at setting up an irrigation system since the addition of the z-levels. It's a lot more difficult now! I think I did pretty well though. It draws water from a brook, floods the overhead pipes, and then each individual farming room can be flooded with what's in the pipes. After that, you pull another lever to open the drainage hatch, and it's all let out into a series of pipes beneath the farms that lead to a cistern where the water is held until it evaporates. It also connects to my emergency overflow prevention system, which consists of some iron grates that drain into the cistern in case of any water escaping the farms.

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Submitted by: Jusal - 2008-02-11

That's a pretty irrigation system, but are you sure the cistern is sufficient in size?

Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-02-11

Very well done, but the cistern may need to be enlarged if you want to flood more then one farm room at a time.

Submitted by: DrJonez - 2008-02-11

The cistern turned out to be much bigger than necessary. I got annoyed with this fort after repeated goblin attacks and decided to flood the place. It took at least five minutes of leaving the intake and drainage hatches open to completely fill it, at which point the water backed up into the drainage pipes, flowed out of the iron grates in the floors, and promptly submerged everything in my fort. Oh well.


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