Water Pressure Experiment 4 by SL

Movie Description:

Here we tested several rules in the current pressure model, and the results matched expectations.

The tunnel which was 1-high finished filling first, followed by the one which had only shafts, with the bottom tunnel of the 3-high one filling last, even though all three were the same size. However, they were all pumping from the river, and the order in which they finished is the same as the order in which they're placed on the river (the first is closest to the river source). Probably the first one just got slightly more water over the length of the experiment.

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Submitted by: Peewee - 2008-12-13

You should re-do this, except with the pumps one level down (pressurized) to ensure that each pump has the same amount of intake.

Submitted by: Shadrak - 2008-12-17

This is a literal Liquid Tension Experiment!


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