Dwarf Swimming by Quitschi

Movie Description:

A dwarf swimmer in fortress mode swims to to surface and then to the next z level and escapes the drowning chamber

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Submitted by: Pathos - 2008-01-03

"Success is from climbing over the backs of others."

Submitted by: Quitschi - 2008-01-03

are you sure they can do that?
and that they were aware enough to do so while drowning?
besides, why did just the "swimmer" escape, shouldnt more have done it?

might test it with him lonely in there~~

Submitted by: Pathos - 2008-01-03

Oh, no, it was just a psychologist quote about people when they feel like they're drowning. I thought it was fitting. xD

Submitted by: Quitschi - 2008-01-03

yeah i realized it right after i made the comment ^^


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