OMG Fast Memory !!1! by Larix

Movie Description:

A four-bit minecart memory cell, using one high-speed minecart and holding the active bits after input turns off again. Bits must be cleared by stopping the cart. Not very practical, but very, haha, "dynamic" RAM.

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Submitted by: Wharf - 2014-08-03

I have never really understood these. What exactly does it do?

Submitted by: Larix - 2014-08-08

It takes a temporary input (here, the pulled lever opening a door) and "remembers" it - keeps an output (pressure plate) active indefinitely. The output remains active after the input has turned off.

A practical use would be an invader-activated pressure plate which turns the magma pump on or causes the big security drawbridge to raise - and keeps it pumping/raised until a separate "all clear" is sent to turn it back off. This thing here uses the pathing rules of high-speed minecarts for operation and can remember four signals at once, each with its own separate output.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2014-08-26

It's effectively a set of R/S flipflops - the lever acts as the "S" input, and stopping the minecart acts as the "R" input.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?