Speedy Cleanup Service by Itnetlolor

Movie Description:

Here I show my army of wheelbarrows in action, post-mining for clarity (this cleanup would actually be going on as the floor is being mined). It's not the full army of 24 (8 5x5 stockpiles (Main POI in map), 3 Wbs assigned each (3*8=24)) (wasn't producing more of them as I worked.), but it's enough to still get this cleaned up in a jiffy; it's maybe half to 3/4 of the army.

During the movie, I will be toggling between floors every once in awhile, somewhat showing where it leads to and how you'll almost never see a stone sit still in the Master-IN. The seeds are a different matter, for now.

This is only a simulated event, and is not part of the final build of the fortress.

Like the previous clip, it is best viewed between 300-500 rate (Line up with the FPS). I made sure TrueType is off, so things should display correctly this time.

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