Hand of Armok v1, Test Run by SL

Movie Description:

This is a contraption we've been building for several years (most of the time taken was for linking pressure plates to hatches). It is designed to pit goblin armies, in theory. This is the first test run since we got it to actually toggle both sets of hatches (previously the grey/black gabbro ones were not opening due to a glitch in the repeater design).

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-12-24

So, its a constantly toggling set of traps?

Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2007-12-24

A video of the toggler would be appreciated.

Submitted by: SL - 2008-01-03

The device which toggles the tiles is something I call a repeater. I've uploaded a movie now which shows an improved version, toggling two hatches and two spikes - You may notice that the second hatch usually flips at the same rate as the first one in that movie, whereas the repeater currently hooked to the Hand of Armok flips the second set of hatches much more slowly than the first.



Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?