Minecart Logic Components by Bloodbeard

Movie Description:

The first one is a power-to-signal converter that sends an on and off signal when using a lever or pressure plate that has no moving parts when in the on position.

The second one is also a power-to-signal, but simpler and has a moving minecart when on.

The 3rd is a binary memory cell used for storing data. It has independently powered rollers to allow for more control over it.

See this topic for more in depth descriptions of them: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=114923.0

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Submitted by: Quietust - 2012-08-17

Is a double-pull (i.e. add 2 "Pull the Lever" jobs at once) slow enough to reliably trigger the memory cell?

Submitted by: Bloodbeard - 2012-08-17

Surprisingly yes. I timed it and it takes 5 steps after turning the power on for both carts to move (both ways). I'm not sure if it would work for the fastest dwarves though, I know they can make an action every 5 steps at least, maybe less.

Submitted by: SAD - 2012-11-11



Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?