!!Very!! Preliminary Sneaking In Camp by Toady One

Movie Description:

Sneaking around a camp in an early version of the next release.

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Submitted by: Aquillion - 2012-07-24


Submitted by: Brewster - 2012-07-24

Way cool.

Submitted by: HopFlash - 2012-07-25

looks like the Commando games :)

Submitted by: meh - 2012-07-25

near sighted enemies much?

they see about half the distance you do if even that... maybe even only a third...

Submitted by: Victuz - 2012-07-25

Well yeah they are shortsighted but it's probably the best solution to the fact that you yourself have limited vision as the character. If they had exactly the same vision range as you than sneaking could fail from the very start.
Imagine that you want to sneak into the camp like presented here. You move up, start sneaking and than move a square to the north. and than BAM cover blown! because one enemy was just on the VERY edge of the vision cone. That's the main reason half blind npcs are present in stealth games and games that add the stealth possibilities.

Submitted by: EvilJapYaY - 2012-07-26

You need more sneaking levels.(slow)

Submitted by: ashein - 2012-07-27

I suppose the cone of vision is just shown according to your own sneaking level. The guards are not sneaking themselves, that's why you see them from farther.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?