Large Goblin Melter Demo by vjek

Movie Description:

A larger version of the Grand Goblin Melter, showing full cycle of the automation, and 4 goblin squads being melted.

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Submitted by: Rck. - 2012-04-27

That is one hot design.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2012-05-01

Nice trap, but it's a bit slow - ideally, it should fill from multiple points at once (e.g. left, center, and right) so it doesn't take so long to cycle.

Submitted by: vjek - 2012-05-05

Indeed, Quietust, I have refined the design as you've described. A new movie will be coming soon!

Submitted by: julkkis666 - 2012-05-23

what happens to the loot? dose it burn in the magma?

Submitted by: vjek - 2012-06-01

Everything non-metal vaporizes in the magma, yes. The metal bits (shields, helms, weapons, etc) all fall down to the level below, which is full of floor grates. The dwarves can then pick up the metal loot without entering the magma hallway, and melt it all into bars to be used for whatever you wish. (statues, doors, crafts)


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?