Ambushing squad leaders ignore cage traps by Drunken_Gun

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I've noticed while playing the latest version that the leaders of ambushing goblin squads (they're usually a different weapon type to the rest) simply ignore my cage traps while the other members of the squad get snapped up in the accustomed way. I thought it was a feature Toady put in so that cage traps weren't quite so overpowered. I mentioned this on the forum but it seems that no-one else (so far in the thread anyway) has noticed it so here's some proof. This video only shows one particular squad but so far every amushing squad has a leader that is immune to my cage traps and this has been going on for a few years (that's why I added the draw bridge). Link to thread

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Submitted by: Nil Zirilrash - 2011-12-31

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that agility + sneaking capability might allow creatures to get past traps untouched. I've had it where the squad leader will not activate the cage traps, dodge his way along my weapon trap corridor, then get beheaded by some novice axedwarf who really shouldn't have been there in the first place. I've also had it where they do activate the cage traps, but they're not caught. The latter is more common for me. That said, I've never had any creature, be he goblin, elf, or human, make it past that many cage traps without either activating one or being caught.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2012-01-10

This might be related to the phenomenon of Human siegers being able to avoid traps that were previously spotted by their visiting Diplomat.


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