The First Siege of Earthpolished by Nil Zirilrash

Movie Description:

One pitiful wave of goblins rams itself against my traps, to no avail.

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Submitted by: Quietust - 2011-09-01

You know you can rename notes so they aren't called "Point ##", right?

Submitted by: Nil Zirilrash - 2011-09-01

Yep. I'm currently only using those notes to mark which lever/pressure plate is connected to what, so for me, the symbol of the note is really the only thing that matters. If I feel like setting up patrol points, I'll name then, but for indicating a linkage I'll just stick to symbols. They're easier to interpret at a glance.

Submitted by: hjkl308 - 2011-09-17

Can I have the region/fortress file for this map? I really like your fortress.

Submitted by: Nil Zirilrash - 2011-11-27

Sorry, the fortress got corrupted a while back due to a bug in my home-made sync program, shortly after I made this video. I no longer have Earthpolished :'(. I'm glad you like it, though. Also, sorry for the slow response. I literally have not been on since January '11. I kinda rage-quit from DF after the save died, though I'm now picking it back up.


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