Degrinchinator by Vanigo

Movie Description:

They said I was mad when I told them I could encase an entire goblin siege in solid ice! Mad!

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2007-12-19

THE single most genious plan EVER devised by dwarven engineers.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-19

Fucking woah. That's awesome.

Submitted by: axus` - 2007-12-19

Nice! Was the goblin path not subterranean?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-19

axus, not by the looks of it. In the first frames you can see 'sky' above the channel. I guess the water freezed instantly when it was exposed to outsideness.

Submitted by: Vanigo - 2007-12-20

Yeah, that entire channel is exposed. Well, parts of it got ice over them afterwards, but it still counts as above ground.
Rather critically, the notches south of the channel are still underground. If they weren't, the water would freeze there and be all useless.

Submitted by: Anonymous - 2008-05-08


Submitted by: Jackrabbit - 2008-08-26

can it be used repeatedly, like if you mine out the stuff?

Submitted by: Yaddy1 - 2008-08-27

Intensely epic...

Submitted by: Jellyfishgreen - 2008-12-05

I'm engraving about this right now. "This is an engraving of goblins and ice. The goblins are surrounded by the ice."

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-16

This gives me a brilliant idea. A ceiling connected to the outside and supported by a support connected to a lever. Goblins go under, Ceiling drops, water goes in, freezes. It was like the goblins were never there. Although now that I think of it that is just an overly complicated version of this.

Submitted by: Count Dorku - 2009-05-25

Jebraltix - since when has something being overly complicated been a drawback?

Submitted by: Llama - 2009-06-16

Goblin IceLollies anyone?

Submitted by: QuakeIV - 2009-06-24

i can imagine looking into the ice and seeing a confused looking goblin entombed in ice. Then it gets obliterated by a miner restting it.

Submitted by: Vreau - 2009-07-06

Its beautiful....

Submitted by: Lazureus - 2009-07-06

Now you can build walls with the resulting ice!
Would be great to have an ice fortress with the bodies of the fallen showcased within the walls!

Submitted by: âsphyxiate - 2009-07-28

"ice fortress with the bodies of the fallen showcased within the walls!"

So delicious.

Submitted by: sk128234 - 2009-08-13

So do the goblin corpses actually show up in the ice spaces afterwards, or do they just vanish? I'd love to do something like this and end up with ice goblin statues.

Submitted by: Lord Dakoth - 2009-08-25

Ha. Ha. Ha.
It reminds me of the cave scene from Ice Age...

Submitted by: Urist McEngineerDwarf - 2009-10-25

Obviously, this is accomplished by allowing water into an exposed space, so do not the design. Re-arm by ice removal. What I got out of it is that using a retractable bridge or (to use up mechanisms) a set of pit traps, you could do the same thing to fish using the water already present. This makes norther ocean fortresses all the more usefull. Now to set it for "carp".

Submitted by: zipdog - 2009-12-17

Oh... my... Armok...


Submitted by: Sauber - 2010-02-04

Couldn't you put a retractable bridge where the floor is so that you could just reset it with one lever and still get that nice comforting sound of ice breaking?

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-02-05

Sauber: retracting a bridge out from underneath the "freeze zone" wouldn't do anything at all, since the ice would still be attached to the walls.

Submitted by: Ginger_Cream - 2010-06-11

Problem with resetting is the miners risk being frozen by the residue water in the non-freezing part of trap.


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